Provide your clients with a complete skin care session with the Quasar Professional Kit. The Quasar Professional Kit focuses on reducing wrinkles and fine lines with LED red light technology of the Quasar Professional Red and clearing up problem skin anywhere on the body with the Quasar Professional Blue LED blue light technology. The Quasar Professional Kit is simple to use and complements other treatments and technologies. A protective lens offers easy transition from one client to the next. Simply wipe the lens cover off with an alcohol wipe.

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The Quasar Professional Red Light Therapy device enables you to provide essential treatments to rebuild clients’ smooth skin and elastin. Smooth the skin and reduce wrinkles with the most powerful tools available outside the doctors’ offices.

The light penetrates deeply, which stimulates higher levels of metabolism. The red light treatment can be sold as a stand-alone treatment or combined with other treatments.

We suggest an eight-week treatment regime to obtain the best results. Monthly maintenance treatments are recommended following the initial regime. A full-face treatment only takes 12 minutes, which makes it easy to add to your standard protocol.


The Quasar Professional Blue Light Therapy device will help your clients gain control over blemishes and occasional breakouts. Intended for use with hormonal acne or acne vulgaris, the light effectively eliminates the acne bacteria that causes breakouts.

When the pores release more sebum, the acne bacteria flourishes and gets into pores, where it feeds on the sebum. The Quasar blue light penetrates the pores and kills bacteria. When treated regularly, weekly or biweekly, the light helps control outbreaks, stopping them before they start.

The treatment is simple. Apply the light to areas of concern for four minutes to eliminate bacteria. If you are also treating for wrinkles with the Quasar red light, be sure to do the blue light before the red. There is some evidence that blue will counteract the red light when done after the red.